Sexpot comedy


Denver! I’m yelling jokes Friday June 12th at The Oriental Theater. 9pm.


Korean Graffiti on show poster


Korean Graffiti on show poster. I’ll be in Seoul, Pohang and Fukuoka May 20-June 1 doing shows. If you know an expat refugee immigrant let them know…


Come Friday


Come to @knitfactorybk this Friday 8pm and watch me tell jokes for a long time. I might do an impression of my favorite Jack if your not careful. #KnitBK


Extended play


I’m headlining a show in BK NEXT WEEK 8pm at Knitting Factory. Please do come. It will be more fun than anything. Promise.


Jokes On Spokes

I’m trying to spread the word for my new Delivery service!

I’m a stand up comedian with a bike, basket, portable amp and microphone.

I go to your party/gallery/event thingy with a case of suds and some spirits and tell you and your pals Jokes while you drink and heckle (or not) me.

Its a sliding scale, around $10-$15 a person, with a minimum and a cap to keep it doable for everyone.

If this is up your alley – you can also check out to see if I’m funny.